Fist City​/​Piss Test Split 7" on Drunken Sailor Records

by Piss Test

  • 7" Vinyl
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Comes with a black and white insert which has photos of our faces. Artwork by Kier Griffiths. Limited to 300! UK RELEASE. VERY RARE IN THE USA.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Fist City/Piss Test Split 7" on Drunken Sailor Records via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Split 7" with Fist City from Alberta, Canada--- listen to their side at

Terminal Boredom says:

"V/A Piss Test/Fist City split 7”
Piss Test brings more of their Samoans stripped back budget punk, like they do so well. “Mussolini” and “No Money” get caught in Supercharger grooves and bare knuckles it raw for three minutes or less. You want a solo? Tuff shit. Sandwiched in betwixt is a reprise from the debut single (“Necrophilia Halal”) for some reason. Maybe those folks overseas didn’t wanna’ pay the exorbitant shipping to get the original “hit” sent over? Either way, it’s quick and painless and worthy of spins. Fist City on the flip brings a thicker sound akin to the modern wall o’ Dwyer shenanigans. “Endless Bummer” leads the side off somewhat surfy, somewhat post-punkish and that beloved yodeled vox. It happens and when it ends I don’t feel the urge to chuck it against the wall. BUT they follow it up with a Devo cover, and that doesn’t have to happen again. Ever. It may be a passable homage; I couldn’t make it through the first chorus. Oh well. Side A was a fun corker. Am I the only one that thinks the cover looks like a Grateful Dead LP? (RSF) (Drunken Sailor Records)"

Maximum Rocknroll says:

Fist City/Piss Test - Split EP

The A-Side of this split opens up with two songs by FIST CITY. They were okay. “Endless Bummer” is a mid-tempo, bouncy pop-punk song that I felt was lacking something. I wasn’t into it, but then I found it stuck in my head later in the day. They also cover “Uncontrollable Urge” by DEVO, which was really underwhelming. Flip the record over and it’s PISS TEST, which was more my speed. The first song, “Mussolini,” is a fast, catchy punk song that reminded me of the HIVES, with lyrics that I could get behind. “If you don’t know your weakness, how can you expect to lead us?” Next song, “Necrophilia (It’s Halal)” clocked in at 30 seconds, sounding like a lost JAY REATARD track. And the last song was a dumb, jangly punk track in the vein of the RIP OFFS called “No Money.” If you’re into the faster side of garage rock or any of the bands mentioned above, the B-Side might be for you.” (VX) (Drunken Sailor Records)

PunkNews says:

What is it with Drunken Sailor Records and the ability to put together cracking split releases? This is not the first time the label has come up with the goods in respect to split seven-inchers, and I expect it won't be the last. This time it's two bands from North America that are featured on the informal and non-existent series.

Fist City are from Alberta, Canada and crank out a particularly strong pair of punk rock songs: "Endless Bummer" is off the band's 2012 sophomore album It's 1983, Grow Up! and is fuzzy and catchy, as well as being easy to sing-along to after just one listen. Their other offering is a cover of Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge" and this is a pretty good version, which sees Fist City taking on a distinctive song and giving it a sense of their own identity, neither losing the charm of the original nor copying it exactly.

Piss Test, from Portland, OR, have quite a basic, garage-punk-style sound with snotty (both in quality and the message being delivered, even if it could be regarded as dumb) vocals, choppy guitar and songs that are crammed full of gritty tuneage. Being the simple soul that I am, those ingredients are more than enough to whet my appetite and there is no doubt that the three songs Piss Test provide here satisfy my cravings to a degree, although I have to keep replaying them as they are of the catchy variety that demand repeated listens. Basically that means they should get off there arses and record an album!


released August 1, 2013



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Piss Test Portland, Oregon

PISS TEST is a Portland band which features Zach, Rodrigo, and Samantha.

You may recognize them from the front row of your show, your cab ride home, or your rehab facility.

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